We opened new state-of-the-art genetic laboratories – GNTlabs by GENNET

4. December 2023

In the second half of the year, we officially cut the ribbon to the new genetic laboratories - GNTlabs by GENNET.

On that day, the laboratories’ visions were presented by the Director of GNTlabs by GENNET, Michal Fazekaš, and the Chief Medical Officer of the genetic program, Monika Koudová. Best wishes to the facilities were also expressed by the CEO of FutureLife, Francisco Lobbosco, and the Managing Partner of Hartenberg Holding, Jozef Janov. Symbolically, they opened the doors of GNTlabs for collaboration not only with clinics within the FutureLife Group but also with healthcare providers worldwide. With their capacity and equipment, GNTlabs rank among the largest andmost advanced genetic laboratories in Europe. This will enable meeting the demandfor genetic services more quickly and efficiently, once again elevating the standard ofcare provided.

The construction of these new laboratories took more than 2 years. Now located on two floors in a modern building in Prague 5, you can find technologically advanced facilities for molecular genetics, cytogenetics, PGT, and bioinformatics. These laboratories continue their successful legacy, dating back to 1996 when Dr David Stejskal founded GENNET as a center for medical genetics. With gradual development, the significance of the laboratories grew along with the volume of tests and examinations conducted. In the first half of 2023, we bid farewell to the old facilities at GENNET Letná in Prague 7, dedicating this space primarily to outpatient care for our clients.

"I am very pleased and thankful to everyone who contributed to creating these new laboratories. This is an important milestone that gives us the opportunity to effectively assist not only our clients through the precise and swift work in our laboratories but also allows us to focus on further educating the future generations of professionals, including geneticists and bioinformaticians", adds the Director of the laboratories, Michal Fazekaš.

At GNTlabs by GENNET, we will continue to focus primarily on diseases and conditions affecting fertility, leading to congenital defects, as well as hereditary cancer diseases and genetic testing of embryos.