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We are a dynamic and forward-thinking group that values creativity, innovation, and collaboration.

As we grow, we are looking for talented people who are passionate about building the future and creating healthy babies. When working at FutureLife, you are part of a big family with over 1,500 colleagues across 8 different European countries. We focus on helping our employees grow and learn because we believe that's the real key to our group's success. Join us in shaping the future of reproductive care and reach your potential.

Working at FutureLife

Since the FutureLife group was founded in 2014, we have significantly grown each year. As we continue to open more clinics, we are excited to invite skilled people to join our talented teams across Europe.

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Supportive workplace

We provide a welcoming and supportive workplace that helps employees grow and improve their skills. To make sure everyone feels included and valued we promote diversity, equity, and inclusion across the FutureLife group. below.

Emloyees on the first place

We believe our employees are incredibly important, so we encourage learning and personal development.

Supportive workplace

Our teams are given the tools and help they need to do well. Whether you are just starting out or have lots of experience, we would love to hear from you.


We offer competitive packages, great benefits, and chances to move forward in your career. Take a look at our job opportunities

Join us as we work together to shape the future of our industry and make a positive impact on the world.

Our company values

The core beliefs we collectively uphold as a leading employer within our group.


At our core, we value teamwork and working together to reach our goals. We know that one person can't do everything alone, and success often comes from working well with others. We create an environment where everyone can share ideas, work on projects together, and support each other. When we collaborate, combining our different skills, we can come up with new and better ways to do things that benefit our customers, and everyone involved.

Professional growth

We believe it is really important for teams to learn and grow. We give everyone the chance to get better at what they do through training, mentoring, and coaching. We want our employees to take charge of their own career paths and set big goals for themselves. By always learning and growing, we aim to create an environment where everyone can do their best, reach their goals, and contribute to FutuereLife’s success.

Open communication

We encourage our teams to talk openly, honestly, and respectfully with each other, no matter what their role is. Open communication helps us solve problems, share ideas, and make good choices. We also really like hearing feedback from our team, customers, and other stakeholders. It helps us continuously improve and grow. By creating a culture of open communication, we hope everyone feels included, listened to, and respected at work.

Mutual trust

We want our employees to feel trusted and take ownership of their work. They should feel empowered to make decisions that fit with our goals and values at FutureLife. We know that it is a two-way street, so we build trust with our employees by being honest, clear, and accountable. When everyone trusts each other, it creates loyal teams that work well together and do great things for our customers. Building trust helps us all feel excited and committed to making FutureLife successful.

Education and trainings

We make sure our employees have the chance to learn and get better at what they do. We know that when our employees grow, our company gets better too. We offer different learning programs to help our teams improve their skills and reach their goals, all taught by experts. To make sure our teams have the tools they need to succeed, everyone has access to online courses, workshops, seminars, and coaching. It is important to keep learning new things so we can stay ahead of the curve, especially in today's fast-changing environment. By investing in our employees’ education and training, Future Life provides an environment where everyone can innovate and excel.

Meet our team


Holly Craze

Deputy Head of Embryology at CRGH Portland, UK

Deputy Head of Embryology at CRGH Portland, UK

As Deputy Head of Embryology at CRGH Portland, I am very proud to be part of the FL team. I initially joined the team a number of years ago to advance my career and to increase my exposure to the wealth of patients and diverse treatment options available at one of the most progressive and pioneering clinics in London.
I am proud to be part of a highly skilled and motivated team of professionals who work tirelessly to ensure our patients receive the highest standard of care. By remaining at the forefront of our field through continued education and willingness to try new techniques, we can confidently do our best to help our patients achieve their goal of creating their family, with reassurance that they are being looked after in our state-of-the-art laboratory which delivers success rates far exceeding national averages.
As embryologists, we never forget that we work in a field which is constantly evolving. FL definitely support this, and in our laboratory we are currently using novel AI systems to assist with embryo grading and selection, as well as trialling advanced preimplantation genetic testing platforms which aim to maximise the number of euploid embryos.
With patient consent, our team regularly assist with the donation of embryos surplus to treatment requirements to prestigious research projects and we regularly attend annual conferences presenting our own projects inspired by our day-to-day work.
Of course, our work is challenging, both emotionally and sometimes physically, but nothing compares to the feeling of being introduced to a baby we have assisted in bringing into this world and congratulating the delighted parents whose families are now complete. FL enables us to do this in a safe, inspiring, and optimised environment, making it a truly extraordinary place to work.


Victor Montalvo Pallés

Laboratory Director at Institut Marqués, Spain

Laboratory Director at Institut Marqués, Spain

Victor is holding a Master’s Degree in Reproductive Biology and Assisted Reproductive Technologie (with Honors) from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and Instituto Universitatio Dexeus complemented by Degree in Genetics from UA. He is working in Institut Marqués since 2018 and currently leads the Embryology Laboratory. He is also involved in the scientific community through many notable publications.


Ivana Hrodějová

Head nurse at GENNET, Czech Republic

Head nurse at GENNET, Czech Republic

I have worked at the clinic since it opened, so many might think that my work has become routine over time. Surprisingly, the opposite is true! I still find my work fun and fulfilling because I have a team of great people and professionals around me. We each contribute in our own way to help fulfill the dreams and expectations of our clients.
And the positive results are the reason why working at GENNET still makes sense to me after more than 20 years.


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